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How to invest and buy Jejudoge 9b9

Step 1: Create a Metamask Ethereum (ETH) Wallet

Metamask wallet is a utility used to store all ERC20 tokens that are built on the Ethereum Blockchain. By creating a Metamask wallet you will be able to link your wallet to DEX (Decentralized Exchange) markets such as Uniswap where Jejudoge 9b9 tokens can be purchased then stored in your wallet. Metamask wallet is available via iSO Apple, Android devices, and plugin via browsers. See the step-by-step video. 

Step 2: Transfer Ethereum (ETH) to Metamask Wallet

Once you create a Metamask wallet, you will need to transfer ETH to your wallet from an exchange where you bought ETH such as Coinbase or Binance, or from another wallet where you stored ETH. Once you transfer ETH and the transaction is confirmed, follow step 3.

Step 3: Buy Jejudoge 9b9 on Metamask, Uniswap and

Confirmed your ETH balance is shown on Metamask wallet. You can either swap directly from Metamask wallet or open up a browser and purchase through Uniswap. See the video to learn for a step-by-step tutorial. When the transaction is confirmed you will see your Jejudoge balance in the wallet.

Token Contract: 0x939a7a577d93ad29b64c1595b1284ce660a479b9
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Want to become a Jeju Guardian?

Invest and become a holder of Jejudoge 9b9

We will utilize 9b9 as a method of payment for businesses in Jeju Island and 9b9 Guardian Businesses, as a holder of Jejudoge, our form of (Staking the token) are 9b9 Benefits Program. Benefits are growth in their business in terms of marketing like social media boost in traffic, business exposure globally since we have Guardians all over the world, revenue increase from sales from the community buying their products through our marketing and marketplace, and much more. Same as when staking Theta Coin you get Tfuel gas tokens for holding. When you hold Jejudoge you get real-life benefits in the real world for business owners.

Learn how you can be part of this new Jejudoge 9b9 community and reap the benefits. Whether you’re an investor, a business owner, or both, Jejudoge 9b9 is a ground-floor opportunity. We do not give investment advice, results vary and as always in life there are no guarantees. Invest responsibly.