Road Maps

Building a strong foundation
Road Map

Jejudoge 9b9 Future Road Map Objectives

Original DEV Road Map

(1) Listed on Uniswap and community building (2) Listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap (3) Listing on a Central Exchange such as Whitebit, Kucoin etc. (4) Development of a NFT Marketplace

Build an Army of Activated Guardians

Build an army of jejudoge 9b9 Guardians around the world starting with 300+ activated elite members.

Exchange Listings

We have a pipeline of potential exchanges for Jejudoge 9b9 token to be listed on. The list starts with Coinsbit exchange for Jejudoge 9b9 to be listed on. Application and payment has been sent. Paperwork is being processed.

Business Partnerships

Build a network of businesses to adopt Jejudoge 9b9 as form of payment staring in Jeju Island and beyond.

Jejudoge Version 2

Original DEV of Jejudoge 9b9 is unknown and liquidity unlocks in October. In the case where DEV doesn't dox themselves then we proceed to set up version 2 of Jejudoge 9b9.

“Building a foundation that will stand through the storms of the crypto market”

Jeudoge 9b9 culture
Road Map

Operational Foundation

1. New Website 2021

Build a brand new website that introduces Jejudoge 9b9 vision, mission, purpose and provide support to the Activated Guardians around the world.

2. Introduce Business Model

Jejudoge 9b9 business model consist of supporting local businesses through Jejudoge 9b9 token adoption along with providing business related resources and solutions. Its aim is to support growing businesses and startups.

3. Register Activated Guardians

Each member of the Jejudoge 9b9 community will be registered and will be activated into our ecosystem. Video tutorials will be provided in the registration process.

4. Introduce Love bombing Strategy

Launch Love Bomb Campaign with training and deploy training video tutorials. This a core JejuAction activity in the Jejudoge 9b9 ecosystem.

5. Setup backend Jejudoge 9b9 Database

Setup CRM, email campaign systems, and customize back end databases that will organize the Jejudoge 9b9 operations.

6. Launch Jejudoge Guardian Academy

Develop online business portal that will provide business related training courses for businesses and start-ups. All Jejudoge 9b9 Elite membership holders will have access to all the business courses.