Jejudoge 9b9 Culture & Values

“The Jejudoge Guardian love bomb culture can be valued at hundreds and even thousands of dollars of marketing spend each year.”

- Jejudoge Guardians
Jejudoge 9b9

Jejudoge 9b9 is a Brand New Doge in the Market

The unique characteristic of 9b9 that sets it apart from all other doge tokens is its real-life utility, application, and impact. Our competition is not another dogecoin but the marketing platforms giants like Google, Amazon, Instagram, etc. 

Our value proposition is simple. Invest and become a holder of Jejudoge then you will reap the benefits of becoming a Jejudoge Guardian. This is a win, win, and we win again model. This is a reverse Costco business membership structure.

When a business owner joins the Jejudoge Community and implements Jejudoge 9b9 as a payment method then they qualify to receive the perks of being part of 9b9’s elite club. Such as instant growth of their social media accounts with followers, engagements, and likes, etc. This is valued at hundreds even thousands of dollars in marketing spend.

In addition, their product and service will be advertised to the thousands of Guardians in the Jejudoge ecosystem which can potentially lead to sales creating revenue. Results vary and are not guaranteed but your product and services will gain global exposure.

Our Culture

JejuAction, Contribute Skillset & Add Massive Value.

Jejudoge is a community of Guardians that focuses on adding value to something they can offer and that something creates even more value which strengthens the ecosystem of Jejudoge 9b9. As we add more Guardians the more efficient we become as an elite community.


"To create continuous value to the 9b9 community and businesses of Jeju Island where it becomes the largest trading post for commerce globally through Jejudoge 9b9 ecosystem."


"Full adoption and payment method of Jejudoge 9b9 starting in the Island of Jeju, all of Korea's businesses and along with Guardians of Jejudoge businesses from around the world. "


"Jejudoge Guardians are players, not spectators."

JEJUDOGE 9B9 ecosystem

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