What is a JejuAction?

Love Bombing is one of the major JejuAction Activities in the Jejudoge Guardian Culture

What is a love bomb?

A love bomb is when Jejudoge Guardians strategically engage and interact with all social media accounts of local businesses in Jeju Island and beyond or Jejudoge Guardian businesses. Social media networks include Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, and many more.

Love bombs are also deployed to Jejudoge Guardians business owners from all over the world. This is one of the biggest benefits of joining the Jeju community by simply holding Jejudoge tokens and accepting Jejudoge as a form of payment method for goods and services.

Jejudoge Guardians from all over the world engage all social networks by liking, following, commenting, posting, adding, sharing, creating content, and tagging businesses to bring exposure to their brands globally. 

Why We Love Bomb?

In the Jejudoge culture, Guardians hold a core principle of giving value first and creating a landscape where it’s a “win, win and win again” approach to grow the ecosystem of Jejudoge 9b9 adoption as a payment method.
Imagine a new or young growing business, to big companies who become holders/investors of Jejudoge 9b9 then weeks later their Instagram account gains hundreds to thousands of new followers, comments, likes, and the global community begins to place orders to try their products/services.
This is what we consider a “win, win, and win again” strategy. Everyone on Jeju Island and within the Jeju community benefits. A rise of a new global marketing distribution channel through the adoption of the Jejudoge 9b9 token.

How to Love Bomb Video Tutorial (Coming Soon)

In these video lessons you will learn how to set up your social media accounts, how to love bomb, and how to keep track of your love bombing, proof of work and the short/long term impact of love bombing.

Love bombing is a daily duty of a Jejudoge Guardian

Love bombs notification will be sent directly to your new Gmail Jeju email that you created. You must be a registered Activated Guardian.

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Want to become a Jeju Guardian?

Invest and become a holder of Jejudoge 9b9

We will utilize 9b9 as a method of payment for businesses in starting in Jeju Island and 9b9 Guardian Businesses, as a holder of Jejudoge, our form of (Staking the token) are 9b9 Benefits Program. Benefits are growth in their business in terms of marketing like social media boost in traffic, business exposure globally since we have Guardians all over the world, revenue increase from sales from the community buying their products through our marketing and marketplace, and much more. Same as when staking Theta Coin you get Tfuel gas tokens for holding. When you hold Jejudoge you get real-life benefits in the real world for business owners.

Learn how you can be part of this new Jejudoge 9b9 community and reap the benefits. Whether you’re an investor, a business owner, or both, Jejudoge 9b9 is a ground-floor opportunity. We do not give investment advice, results vary and as always in life there are no guarantees. Invest responsibly.